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Dialogue functions

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1 Dialogue functions on Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:08 am

talk(text) - displays the given text on the screen as dialogue, waiting for the player to continue
talk(text, npcId) - displays the given text as dialogue from the given NPC's id.

string ask(text, npcId, choiceType, choices...) - displays the given text from the given NPC as a question. Returns your answer.
choice types are:

turn(degrees) - turns the player a number of degrees.
turn(degrees, npcId)

walk(steps, speed) - makes the player walk some distance at some speed (steps per second)
walk(steps, speed, npcId)

warp(newX, newY) - warps the player to a new coordinate.
warp(newX, newY, npcId)

boolean duel(npcId) - engages in a duel with the NPC. Returns true if player won, false if player lost
boolean match(npcId)

earn(dp) - increase your duel points by the given number
pay(dp) - decrease your duel points by the given number

collect(cardId) - gain a copy of the card in your trunk
donate(cardId) - lose a copy of the card from your trunk

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